Delivery terms

Terms of delivery in Finland

(International terms below)

1. Applicability

In this contract, the service provider shall be referred to as KunnonMuutto and the customer of the ordered service shall be referred to as the client.

KunnonMuutto is responsible for delivering the service under following conditions. KunnonMuutto is responsible for its subcontractors.

2. Contract

2.1. Signing a contract

Contracts between KunnonMuutto and the client are always approved in writing, with the exception of additional services requested during the day the service is provided, which can be agreed upon in other ways.

The written approval of the contract means that KunnonMuutto confirms the service order to the client. The order confirmation must always include the price of the service and the date on which the service will be provided.

The order shall not be confirmed by KunnonMuutto if the client has not provided the following information in writing: method of payment, address, e-mail (address) and phone number.

2.2. Contents of the agreement

Our moving services include the loading of a vehicle provided by KunnonMuutto from a reasonable place chosen by the client, the transportation and the unloading of the goods and/or belongings of the client.

Our transportation services include the loading of a vehicle provided by Kunnonmuutto from a reasonable place chosen by the client, the transportation and the unloading of the goods and/or belongings of the client.

Our services do not include fees incurred by visits to Sortti stations or other recycling stations.

Unless separately agreed upon, our services do not include the following:

  • Installation services requiring professional qualification

  • Protection of surfaces within the client’s realty

  • Transportation of objects of value that require a separate insurance

  • Transportation or moving of particularly heavy objects, such as pianos, safes, slot machines and other comparable objects

  • Transportation of objects with a particularly high risk of accident

  • Transportation of animals

  • Transportation of animal habitats, such as terrariums and aquariums or objects designated to transporting animals

  • Cleaning services

  • Transportation of particularly fragile objects, such as glassware, ceramics and other comparable objects

  • Transportation of living plants

  • Transportation of thermally controlled objects

  • Boxes and packaging materials

3. Obligations of the client

The client is required to provide KunnonMuutto with a written disclosure of all relevant information for succesfully delivering the service, such as:

  • Addresses

  • Client’s telephone number

  • Surface-area and quantity of rooms in the realty

  • Location and size of relevant storage areas

  • Large objects

  • Household appliances

  • Objects requiring particularly careful handling

  • Quantity and quality of removal boxes

  • Safety hazards

  • Factors relevant to the service contract listed in section 2.2

  • A list including the approximate price of valuable, particularly fragile objects such as porcelain, paintings, antiques and other comparable objects.

KunnonMuutto requires aforementioned information before signing the contract.

The client is responsible for any objects omitted from the written disclosure, as well as for any damage caused by them.

Please, keep in mind that the space to be reserved for the truck is as follows:

– Length: 15 meters
– Width: 2.75 meters
– Height: 4.10 meters

The weight of the truck is 19 tonnes/19 000 kilos. If agreed upon, KunnonMuutto can take care of the parking reservation on client’s behalf.

4. Obligations of KunnonMuutto 

Within the framework of its resources, KunnonMuutto is obliged to provide services in a manner that is as professional, as eco-friendly and as careful as possible. KunnonMuutto is obliged to acknowledge clients benefit when forming a quotation and providing the service. KunnonMuutto is under the duty of secrecy to all information concerning the client.

KunnonMuutto is responsible for all goods and belongings of the client during transportation in accordance to the Road Transport Contract Act.

KunnonMuutto is insured for road transport liabilities and business liabilities.

KunnonMuutto is obliged to provide the client with instructions for proper packing if the client has decided to perform the packing by themselves.

KunnonMuutto shall examine all of the objects of value and all fragile objects listed by the client before and after providing the service.

KunnonMuutto shall examine the external quality of the packages packed by the client. In case KunnonMuutto notices any defects in the packaging, the client shall be informed, and until the packaging has been improved, KunnonMuutto shall not be held responsible for any damage incurred to the objects within.

KunnonMuutto shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to unpacked, unprotected and inadequately protected objects.

KunnonMuutto shall not compensate for any damage to objects caused by the client’s negligence or incorrect packaging during transportation or moving.

The client is responsible for the objects they are carrying. This applies to situations where the client is carrying an object with a representative of KunnonMuutto.

5. Pricing principle

KunnonMuutto price list is provided online on KunnonMuutto homepage, and by request. All prices are subject to value-added tax.

Terms of payment are defined in the contract between KunnonMuutto and the client.

If the payment is overdue, the client is charged interest according to interest rates declared by the Finnish Bank.

Billing begins when a KunnonMuutto representative leaves home or the previous client. Alternatively, KunnonMuutto and the client can agree upon a travel compensation, in which case the billing begins when KunnonMuutto arrives at the address of service.

6. Cancellation of service order and cancellation of contract

Moving service:

The client may cancel the contract until five days before the date of service.

Transportation service:

The client may cancel the contract until three days before the date of service.

The client is obliged to compensate for 50% of the price of the service to KunnonMuutto if the client cancels a contract within one to five days before the moving service, or within one to three days before the transportation service. The client is obliged to compensate 100% of the price of the service to KunnonMuutto if the client cancels the contract of moving or the contract of transportation during the date of service without a proper, verifiable explanation, such as death, a fit of illness, an accident or other comparable explanation.

KunnonMuutto may cancel the contract if the client neglects their obligations mentioned in section three (3), or if the client neglects other contract-related terms. In a case of client-obligation negligence, the client is liable to compensations as stated in section eight (8)

7. KunnonMuutto liability for damages

KunnonMuutto is liable for damages (to the client’s belongings) caused by its representatives, by accident or intentionally. KunnonMuutto is not liable for damages to objects or loss of objects, if verifiably caused by the reasons stated in section four (4).

KunnonMuutto is not liable for damages in situations where an object is being moved with the help of the client. In such situations the client is responsible for the object in question. In this context, object means large items such as cupboards, and other comparable objects that require two persons to move.

Liability for damage does not extend to sentimental value, indirect harm or indirect loss.

KunnonMuutto is not liable for damages if the object’s poor condition can be verified to not have been caused by a KunnonMuutto representative, and/or in case the object can be verified to have been in poor condition before the beginning of the service due to manufacturing defects, faulty assembly or other similar reasons.

KunnonMuutto compensates for damages in accordance with legislations concerning road transports. If the client’s objects are lost during a Finnish domestic transportation, the compensation is 20€ per kilogram at most.

The client may choose to insure their belongings, or parts of their belongings with a separate moving insurance.

8. Client’s liability for damages

The client is liable for compensation if they by their own actions cause harm to the KunnonMuutto brand, property or personnel. The client is liable for the full compensation as stated in the service contract if KunnonMuutto cancels the contract made with the client for reasons stated in section six (6).

9. Reclamation

The client is entitled to present a written reclamation within 14 days after the service.

10. Dispute

KunnonMuutto aims to settle any dispute directly with the client. If an agreement cannot be reached, the client may contact consumer counselling:

for service in Finnish: 071 873 1901

for service in Swedish: 071 873 1902

If neither of the aforementioned means lead to an agreement, the client may contact the Consumer Disputes Board. If the dispute is taken to court, it shall take place in the lower court of KunnonMuutto’s office’s location, unless the client takes summons to their local lower court.

KunnonMuutto reserves all rights to change these terms of service.

In case of any ambiguity concerning the translation, the Finnish (original) terms apply.

Terms of delivery: international removals

1. Appliance

These terms apply to moving and transportation services abroad (outside of Finland) provided by KunnonMuutto Oy.

2. Services and performances

2.1 Assignments

– Assignments include all work performances wherein KunnonMuutto Oy or its subcontractor have delivered transportation/moving services or packaging materials.

2.2 Assignment cancellation

– The assignment is eligible for cancellation up to 12 days before the date of the work performance. If the assignment is cancelled within 12 days before the date of the assignment, KunnonMuutto Oy may charge 30% of the price of the service as compensation.

2.3 Force majeure

Kunnonmutto Oy is obligated to inform the client of any force majeure without delay.

– Force majeure discharges the client and KunnonMuutto Oy of any assignments, with the clients still obligated to pay for work performances already completed. KunnonMuutto Oy is not obligated to compensate the client for any costs caused by the force majeure.

2.4 If the actual work performance differs from the information given during the order of the service, which is either agreed in writing or verbally, e.g. the amount of items is bigger than what was agreed upon, or the client has KunnonMuutto representatives do work performances not included in the contract, KunnonMuutto Oy is entitled to charge separately for such performances or refuse any work performances not included in the contract.

2.5 KunnonMuutto Oy is not obligated to dismantle/assemble any items, or perform work that requires special education or training, such as work concerning electricity or plumbing unless separately agreed upon.

2.6 The transportation of safes/strongboxes, pianos and other particularly heavy items will always be separately agreed upon with KunnonMuutto Oy.

3. Reclamation and liability

3.1 In case of damage to any of the items of the client during a KunnonMuutto Oy work performance, the client is eligible to compose a written reclamation within 14 days of the incident. After 14 days, KunnonMuutto Oy is free of liability.

3.2 The client is expected to be able to verify the cause of damage to their items. In the case of insufficient evidence, KunnonMuutto Oy is not liable.

3.3 All KunnonMuutto Oy transportations include a transport insurance under the Road Transport Legislation. Liability insurance covers at most 20€/kg in domestic transportations and 8,33 SDR/kg in transportations abroad for every missing/damaged kilogram of the gross weight of the cargo.

3.4 KunnonMuutto Oy liability does not include electronic damage, e.g. computer software malfunction, incorrectly setup wires or other similar causes of damage.

3.5 KunnonMuutto Oy liability may diminish or be nullified completely if the damage is caused by any of the following:

– Insufficiently protected items (being moved) or property (the place of work performance) are under the responsibility of the client unless agreed otherwise.

– No visible damage caused during the work performance to an electronic device.

– The moved items are especially susceptible to changes in temperature and/or humidity, e.g. houseplants.

– The moved items of poor condition or incorrect assembly does not allow for it to be moved with conventional methods.

3.6 Kunnonmuutto Oy liability does not account for an items emotional value, indirect damage or loss.

4. Storage services

4.1 Storage services refer to all events of storing of the client’s items in the premises of KunnonMuutto Oy.

4.2 In the premises of KunnonMuutto Oy, it is forbidden to store any of the following items, unless separately agreed upon: Hazardous materials, items susceptible to changes in temperature and/or humidity, such as houseplants and art.

4.3 In the case of failed payment of the storaging services, after one month (30 days) KunnonMuutto Oy is eligible to end the contract.

4.4 KunnonMuutto Oy is not obliged to surrender stored items to the client if there are any unpaid fees. Should the client fail to carry out the payment, Kunnonmuutto Oy is eligible to sell any items left uncollected.

5. Billing terms

5.1 Storage services are billed monthly or according to a contract.

5.2 If a mutually agreed (KunnonMuutto Oy and its client) work performance includes intermediate storaging, at least 50% of the bill concerning the moving service has to be paid upon the beginning of the storing service.

5.3 KunnonMuutto billing on movings and transportations abroad (outside of Finland) is based on the volume and weight of the client’s items, and any additional services ordered by the customer, unless otherwise agreed upon between KunnonMuutto Oy representative and the client.

5.4 50% of the expected sum total of the work performance is always charged before the work performance. KunnonMuutto Oy is not obliged to perform the assignment until the payment is visible on KunnonMuutto Oy bank account. Business customers are billed after the service. Payment term is 14 days. Penalty interest is in accordance with the default interest rate confirmed by The Finnish Bank.

If a business client or a client has a payment disturbance from a previous assignment with KunnonMuutto Oy, KunnonMuutto Oy may demand the full payment of the to-be assignment in advance.

In case of any ambiguity concerning the translation, the Finnish (original) terms apply.

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