Full service moving

Check out our services and see how we can make your removal project as easy as possible!

We are extremely happy that you are considering making the ecological choice to move with us!

Our experts will have with them all the required tools like hand trucks and straps for safe transportation of your furniture and heavier objects, protective blankets to cover fragile or otherwise valuable belongings and a basic tool set.

Are you worried about the surfaces of your apartment during the removal? Is your parquet floor especially fragile? No need to worry, we offer you our sustainable and ecological protection service! We will cover your floors, walls and staircases with our top quality, reusable protective materials to keep your apartment as good as new.

Your belongings are most important to us! By ordering our eco-friendly packaging service you will get our professional team of careful relocation experts to ensure that your valuable cargo is packed as safely and efficiently as possible. All the packaging materials are reusable and eco friendly. To protect our environment and especially the Baltic Sea from microplastics we refuse to use any dispensable plastic like bubble wrap!

Unpacking can be overwhelming after a long journey to a new home. Instead of slowly unpacking your stuff we urge you to go take a tour of your new hometown or just relax, while we unpack your stuff where and how you want it.

We have the perfect reusable boxes for your removal needs! You’ll hardly need your own so why not make use of ours?! No matter what kind of stuff needs to be packed, we have the boxes for every occasion, from sturdy reusable plastic boxes to privacy protected and lockable containers. Main thing is that your belongings stay protected throughout the journey to your new home!

Some people love but most people hate to clean, though all of us can agree that it’s much more comfy in a clean and fresh apartment! We can arrange your old apartment’s final clean up or clean your new flat before you move in, ask us also about regular cleaning possibilities! Naturally we use only the most ecological washing agents and clean up equipment.

It takes time to re-assemble and carefully install relocated furniture. Let our experienced professionals do it for you so you can spend your time more productively than reading cryptic manuals and scratching your head.

We can take care of the stuff you don’t need! Let us know if there is something you need to get rid of and we will take care of it responsibly. Also If you have unwanted furniture that is in decent condition we will try our best to find it a new loving home!

When moving abroad it’s easy to get lost with customs papers and declarations. We can help you take care of everything related to customs with ease!

Do you have extra large furniture pieces or special belongings that just don’t fit through your narrow corridors? Old grand piano is a perfect example of a piece of value furniture that usually requires a removal lift. In some cases it’s much faster to move even your smaller stuff through a window rather than through a difficult access staircase. Tell us about your special needs and don’t hesitate to ask if a removal lift would make your relocation easier and cheaper!

We live in a free world but some removal related tasks can’t be done without complicated permits. We can take care of all the permits that your removal process might need so you don’t have to stress it! Our professionals have extensive experience in arm-wrestling with government bureaus and toughest permit officials!

All our removals include the basic international road transport liability insurance! If you have something really special you want to protect with more comprehensive insurance just ask us and we will be glad to help you choose the correct insurance for you!

We can arrange a professional to install your home appliances like washing machines, dishwashers or refrigerators. Machines that are connected to water pipes are always a water damage risk so we recommend that you play it safe and let us handle it. We promise to get your washing machine running safely even in the middle of the removal!

Is your new apartment smaller than the previous one or maybe you can’t just yet move in to your new flat? We can arrange affordable short or long term storage for all your belongings with a flick of a wrist! Sometimes it’s just easier to start furnishing your new home from a clean slate. Let us help you take care of storing your belongings safely and professionally.

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Moving in Europe

KunnonMuutto’s international is constantly on the road all across Europe. We are here to realize all logistical needs of your business or person, be it art transport, big or small as well as Full-Service moves!

Across Europe on biogas

We transport your belongings with the help of our biogas-consuming truck and smaller vans if needed. Larger orders determine the schedule of smaller ones, and the vehicles are filled in respect of the order of confirmation Fixed contract moves include an evaluation visit or video call, free-of-charge.

Kunnon Muutto by KunnonMuutto, the full-service move is tailored exactly for your wishes and needs.

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Recycling runs

Do you want to get rid of your old furniture? Give your intact and usable furniture a new life!

Carpool to recycle and waste management station!

Get your waste to recycle and waste management station for free – Ask your neighbors to join!

Order our service to take your neighborhoods waste to Recycle and waste management stations
25€ per participant (min. 3 participants)
+ Recycle and waste management stations fee.

If you place an order with over four participants you get your own transport free of charge. Payment methods are card or cash and the Sortti stations fee is estimated on the spot. We arrive within the agreed time frame and everyone brings their own stuff to the car.

NB! This service only includes the driver. Orders with over 8 participants include another carrier as well.

Waste and recycling stations accept

For a price

  • metal
  • glass containers
  • paper, cardboard
  • electric devices
  • dangerous waste
  • impregnated wood

For free

  • gypsum
  • mixed waste
  • wood
  • garden waste, sticks and twigs, apples
  • sorted renovation and construction waste

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