Easiest storage collects and transports for you

We collect, store and deliver your goods on demand. Our vehicles run completely on biogas!

Storage ♥ Delivery

Modern storage service in which we take care of everything for you!

1. We Collect
  • We schedule a pick up and come collect your belongings.

  • You only need to tell us where and when!
2. We Store
  • We store your belongings professionally and efficiently; you only pay for the space they occupy. This way you do not pay for empty space!
3. We Deliver
  • We deliver your belongings flexibly whenever you need them.
  • Delivery can be handily ordered the same way as you ordered pick up.
That’s how it’s done!

Focus on Your Life

Save time and trouble – we take care of remembering, storing, carrying and transporting for you!

1. Imagine how it would feel to get your sauna, garage, and closet back, and use them as they were meant to be used

2. We offer you simplicity, so you might have more time for more important things all the while your belongings are safe and sound at our storehouse

3. Instead of paying for empty space in an oversized storage space, with us you pay exactly the space your stuff occupies

4. We offer genuinely ecological transporting and storing services. Our vehicles run exclusively on biogas and we use renewable packaging materials. 

Fast pick up and delivery
your time
Your items
are insured


Pick up from €29

Minimum pick up volume 1 m³

Storing from €29/m³/kk

Minimum storing volume 1 m³

Delivery from €29

Minimum delivery volume 1 m³

  • Order moving boxes from us delivered at your door.

  • We offer an affordable packaging service, to make everything even easier for you!

  • Tell us if you want to get rid of some items, and we will take care of recycling them responsibly.

  • We will find a new home for furniture in good condition! Ask for more information!

Approximate volumes of various items

Moving box

0,1 m³


0,2 m³


0,5 m³


1 m³

Small sofa

1 m³

Large sofa

3 m³

Coffee table

0,4 m³

TV shelf

1 m³


0,8 m³


1 m³


0,2 m³


0,2 m³

4 chair dining table

0,6 m³

8 chair dining table

1 m³

Large refrigerator

1,5 m³

Floor lamp

0,2 m³

Give us a call +358 (0)40 019 9627

or fill out the contact request below. We will answer offer requests from Monday to Friday between 9-17.

We answer offer requests from Monday to Friday between 9-17. Pickups and deliveries include protective blankets, but in case your items require a more thorough protection we will charge you separately.

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