Moving in Espoo

Greetings from the heartbeat of Espoo! When you move, we are here to ensure it happens efficiently and professionally. We are a full-service moving company, powering the transport of your belongings with biogas across Europe, catering to all your needs.

KunnonMuutto offers full-service moves with all the extras. Our customer feedback confirms that we are an efficient and reliable feel-good moving company – check out our reviews!

All the necessary tools, such as hand trucks and securing straps, accompany our professionals for your move to guarantee the safe transportation of your items. And that’s not all – eco-friendly protective blankets are also part of the journey, safeguarding your belongings throughout the entire move.

Our comprehensive additional services include packing, unpacking, storage, cleaning, recycling, and many other services essential during a move. For more information, inquire with our customer service!

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