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By far the easiest and most comfortable way to move is to order a true luxury move, an all-inclusive move! Kunnon Muutto by KunnonMuutto includes everything your move needs: You can go on a staycation while moving and return to a new, fully furnished home where clothes await on hangers and dishes are in the cabinets.

Full-service moving includes, among other things:

What is a full-service move?

First, the seller comes for an on-site assessment or conducts a video assessment to determine the unique needs of the move. Then preparations are made, such as parking reservations. In apartments over 40m2, two or three days are reserved for the move.

Before the move, we pick up any items going to recycling or Sortti station. At this stage, if desired, we can also deliver a box or boxes for your most personal items—we won’t touch the contents of these boxes.

On the first day of the move, we pack the household goods and protect the furniture. KunnonMuutto provides all the necessary boxes and protective materials and takes care of the packing and protection work. We protect not only the furniture but also the walkways and other sensitive surfaces.

Then it’s time to move! The items are loaded into the vehicle and driven to the destination—whether it’s in Porvoo or Paris! Once the departure home is empty, the cleaning team performs the final cleaning.

At the moving destination, we unpack the contents of the packed boxes to your desired locations (we can even organize clothes by color in the wardrobe!) and take away all packing and protective materials.

Whatever you and your move need, we respond to your wishes!

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